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G I N A  N A R D U C C I

Gina is a Personal Trainer and Muscle Activation Technique jumpstart trainer. She is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute with her diploma in personal training, and holds the following certifications: • Certified Personal Trainer — National Personal Training Institute • Muscle Activation Technique jumpstart trainer • CPR/AED Certified • TRX certified

Dedicated to personal fitness from a young age she was involved in softball and gymnastics and later in life showed an interest in martial arts following in her father’s footsteps. Her passion for this industry flourished when she began working one on one with a personal trainer.

The impact her trainer had on her physical and mental well-being was something that she could not wait to pass along to clients of her own one day. After becoming a personal trainer herself, Gina’s passion for the industry increased when she got her TRX certification and grew stronger after becoming a Muscle Activation Practitioner.

She continues her education weekly through a private mentoring program. Gina has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from young teens to older adults. She always ensures a personalized program for her clients as well as specific exercises to match her clients’ needs and abilities. You can always count on Gina for an enjoyable, challenging workout, tailor-made just for you.

“Gina is, hands down, my favorite trainer I have ever worked with. In the past, I have felt like trainers ran through the same circuit of exercises that they used with all of their clients. With Gina, I feel that each workout was personalized to my specific needs. The exercises are fun, and I feel like I’m really targeting specific muscles.”

— JR