tennis anyone?
Don't let injuries keep you off the court.

"Activation Fitness can help you get back and stay in the game. I have experienced their work including MAT. If you are trying to prevent or overcome nagging pain and tightness that could limit your game, I highly recommend checking them out. MAT will help you not only play better, but feel great."
— Mary Monckton
    Glenview, IL
    USTA Certified Tennis Pro / Teaching at USTA training center
    12 years experience

Tennis is a sport enjoyed by young and old. It involves a great deal of lateral movement, rapid acceleration/deceleration, over head arm motion, and trunk rotation. Tennis is a game of power and finesse. All of this can lead to various overuse injuries.

Not only can our certified specialists improve your tennis game, we can also help reduce your risk for, and/or recover from, the most common overuse injuries in tennis such as:
  • Sprained ankle
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Calf strain
  • Back pain/stress fracture
  • Tennis Elbow

We can help restore muscular balance and mobility using Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). MAT can reduce your body's need to compensate. Compensation over time will lead to injury and increased wear and tear of the joints. MAT will help prepare your body for the challenges you want to impose on it. You will be able to work out more efficiently so you will not only move better, but be stronger as well. It is this symphony of strength, mobility, and balance that allows you to perform at your best for years to come!

"As an avid tennis player all my life, now a 63 year old grandmother, I practice tennis four hours a day while still working as a flight attendant. All of this left me sore, limping and struggling with inflammation. MAT and Activation Fitness helped reverse this and regain the necessary speed and agility to stay in the game at a high level. My feet were a common problem area. Working on my weak links and following your advice to change my footwear helped me achieve a life long tennis goal of competing in several pro tour events in the past few years, virtually pain free. You have my sincere appreciation!"
— Susan Witwer
    Glenview, IL
    #2 Women's Open Singles (U.S.T.A. Midwest Section)