swimmers have to protect their muscles

“I’m a competitive swimmer who was diagnosed with tendinosis in my shoulder last year. I was getting so frustrated after trying so many attempts to heal my injury. Physical therapy was not the answer, and rest wasn't helping either. After a few MAT sessions my body was back in balance and I felt as good as new. I am now back in the water and I'm so thankful for discovering Activation Fitness.”
— Kendall Crispin, 14, Glenbrook North High School

Given the nature of the sport, swimmers are very prone to overuse injuries especially in the back, neck, and shoulder.

We have had great success working with swimmers, helping them get back in the pool, and doing what they love without pain. MAT can help restore normal body alignment by addressing areas of imbalance in the muscular system. This allows the swimmer to have better mobility again in the pool and to be more efficient as well.

“We wanted to share our experiences with MAT. Our 13 year old was dealing with chronic back pain and random spasm over the last year and a half brought on by overuse as she is a competitive year round swimmer. We tried Chiropractic, had X-rays, even saw a pediatric orthopedic doctor who all confirmed nothing broken, we just needed to stretch more. Sadly she had to quit swimming as that seemed our only choice and hope of her healing. Even though not swimming, and doing daily stretches, she continued to have chronic pain.

Through MAT, We learned a lot about muscular imbalance and how weaker muscles can lead to instability elsewhere in the body. We discovered weak muscles in one hip were the main culprit. Through several sessions and continued daily work with MAT exercises, I am happy to report Gabby is back at swim and has slowly worked her way back to normal practice. She continues to be spasm and pain free in the pool and out. This technique has been a Godsend. It really just makes sense and the results speak for themselves!”
— Jen and Gabby Verdoni

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