MAT benefits golfers

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The golf swing is a highly complex movement. It involves every joint in the human body. Golfers are expected to wind up their musculature on one side and unload on the other side. The ability to accelerate then decelerate has to be not only powerful, but also extremely precise and consistent. The swing is a function of practice and skill but also having all your muscles contracting efficiently. If there is any compromise in the neuromuscular system the result will be a decrease in power and precision. This will not only hurt your golf game but also leads to pain and injury over time.

MAT Can Help My Golf Game?

MAT can improve the muscles ability to generate force and improve the status of the neuromuscular connection. The result = more power and precision! 

Previous injury, stress, trauma and overuse are some of the reason muscles become weak or "inhibited". The body then protects for this weakness by tightening up other muscles to protect the joints. If the body is not confident you can control a movement, it will try to prevent it. 

This protective mechanism causes a decrease in motion at any joint. One motion commonly limited in golfers is trunk rotation because they are repetitively turning in one direction with a great deal of force. The motion of trunk rotation involves many joint in particular rotation at the hips.  Often, we will start with improving hip motion and then strengthen the trunk rotators as well.

Addressing these weaknesses via MAT and appropriate resistance exercises will help unravel these limitations in motion by getting to the root of the problem.  This will give your golf swing more power, accuracy, and consistency!

The golf swing is similar in many ways to a baseball swing. Watch the ESPN video to see how Mark Teixeira of the NY Yankees has benefited from MAT.    

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