Triathlete: Dr. Kim Busch

Iron Man 70.3 World Champion
When we first met, I have to admit I was grasping at straws; looking for someone to put the pieces together. I was in the midst of an incredibly successful racing season. I had just competed and placed in four half ironmans over the summer. This earned me the honor of racing at World's in November but, my body was breaking down. . After a quick painless evaluation you were able to identify weaknesses and limitations. This led to reactivating weak muscles and opening up limited joint movements. Each time we met I noticed dramatic results. For example, the first session we were able to successfully increase the rotation and motion of my right hip. All of a sudden I noticed a marked reduction in hip pain and an increase in overall strength. Over the next few sessions we relieved SI pain, strengthened tweeky knees and, stabilized limited ankle rotations. The bottom line is that not only did I compete at World's but, set an all time PR (personal best) and placed 6th.

I want to thank you immensely for opening my eyes to the benefits of MAT. And, I look forward to keeping you in my armamentarium of long term strategies that will keep me healthy, strong and racing for years to come. My enthusiasm for what you do is apparent by all the referrals that I have and will continue to send your way.
Health and Strength Always,
Kimberly A. Busch DDS

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