Cyndi Burman

Cyndi Berman

Cyndi’s qualifications include:

“My feet were the motivation for giving MAT a try. The heels had become so tender over the years that to walk was painful. Cyndi Burman worked tenaciously over several sessions on the many muscles/joints within each foot, the muscular alignment of my hips/legs to my feet and balance between both sides. I also became more cognizant of how I placed my feet when I walk and practice yoga. Gradually the tenderness subsided to where I am today, 12 months later. My feet are no longer an issue. I have made the decision to continue to work with Cyndi on other parts of my body because I believe that MAT is important to my graceful aging process. The muscles sometimes need to be reminded of how they connect to and interact with each other and their respective bones. MAT has become an important part of the overall health plan to keep me strong and happy in my active life style.”
— Katherine Nagler