Athletic Scholarship in your future?
Don't let injuries spoil your chances to earn one

athletic scholarships
Student Athletes in virtually every sport are eligible to earn scholarships that help pay for part - or all - of students' collegiate educations.
Because Division I and Division II schools offer scholarship money, students and parents are wise to explore these opportunities. Steve Dam and his Activation Fitness team have some ideas about ways to maximize your chamce of winning athletic scholarships; while avoiding chronic, long-term sports-related injuries.

I play division-1 college football and was suffering from nagging hamstring pain which had been going on for over a year. I tried going to a chiropractor and a physical therapist but saw limited results. I was referred to Activation Fitness by a family friend and went for two weeks before I had to start up with football. MAT quickly helped the pain in my hamstring and allowed me to have a successful football season.
— James Zott

  • Baseball / Softball
      • shoulder overuse injuries - especially rotator cuff
      • stress fractures

  • Tennis
      • lower leg injuries / tendonitis
      • shoulder issues / tendonitis
      • back pain
      • patellar tendon and other knee related issues

  • Swimming
      • shoulder, neck and back issues
        "Our 13 year old was dealing with chronic back pain and random spasms
        over the last year and a half brought on by overuse as she is a competitive
        year round swimmer. After (we were) introduced to MAT by Steve, we learned
        a lot about muscular imbalance and how weaker muscles can lead to
        instability elsewhere in the body. With Steve we discovered weak muscles
        in one hip were the main culprit...
        Thank you Steve! ...Jen and Gabby Verdoni

  • Running
      • foot and ankle tendonitis / stress fractures / plantar fascitis
      • patellar tendon and other knee issues
      • low back and hip tightness creating inefficient gait and
        leading to overuse injury

    Steve Dam, founder of Activation Fitness has personal experience as an elite level high school athlete. He played basketball growing up in Vermont; and wound up with neck and back pain which became progressively worse. The upper back spasms caused him to miss some games in high school. During college and into his early 30's, the tightness and pain increased in frequency and intensity. Claims Steve, "After learning MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) 5 years ago, I could begin to move and feel better at nearly 40 than I could when I was twenty!" As Steve pursued a career in wellness, he became a certified athletic trainer, and worked with athletes in a few different Illlinois high schools. Eventually, his entrepreneurial skills kicked in, and he brought MAT, personal training, and performance enhancement to Glenview and the surrounding suburbs.

    Steve has noticed that, "with athletes, traditional therapy is about treating symptoms and getting them back in the game to hopefully finish the season." Instead, Steve and his team examine the cause of compensation activities that lead to injuries, and work from there. This can actually get them back in the game even faster but more importantly, helps to prevent future recurring injury. Often they see older athletes who are trying to perform at a level beyond their abilities. Unfortunately, the injuries suffered earlier in life (often from high school onward), were never dealt with completely; and they resurface. Even when injuries have supposedly healed, and those individuals are participating in their favorite sports, their actual performances are hindered; and not optimal. Activation Fitness is breaking the pattern by treating today's high school athletes with MAT and highly individualized strength training to address specific areas of weakness and imbalance.

    "What's great," Steve says, "is that today's students have high expectations for full, recovery. Their goals are high and the compensation has been there a relatively short time so they respond much quicker to treatment." The causes of these athletes' problems are just starting now. When we have the chance to utilize MAT techniques, we catch the problem early so it does not compound over the next 20+ years. "The ceiling for improvement is much higher for students," says Steve, "because we can make dramatic changes in students' abilities to be stronger and more flexible." The result: better performance and less down time from injury.

    One thing seems certain: collegiate athletic scouts don't only look for talent. They want athletes who understand the value of strong and long lasting physical health. Athletes who understand methods for avoiding chronic injuries are more valuable to colleges, as well as themselves.

    For athletes - for anyone - nagging aches and pains that keep coming back shouldn't be thought of as "normal". With the application of proper MAT, strength imbalances related to overuse, can be restored.

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